Efren Sicat

Efren E Sicat is one of the original members of the Risingstarband. back in 1980 the band name was called Cycles and change it to it’s current name in 1987

when the band first formed Efren started out being the keyboard player and double on trumpet. in late 80′s Risingstarband male lead vocalist left the group and Efren and the Jose del Risaro took over the lead vocals parts and along with Leroy Payton (ex-member with Forward Motions of Las Vegas) currently is one Risingstarband premier front men of the group .. Efren formal musical training started out learning piano at age 7 and trumpet at age 11 years old Efren continue to perform both instruments at Montgomery high school jazz and concert band and Southwestern jazz program.

Efren also studied hip hop dance at American Academy of Dance and Culture Shock of San Diego and is instrumental in hiring dance choreographer for the band dance routines. Efren is also responsible of scripting the musical performance of the band, studying the best DJ mixes and going to the hottest clubs to see what songs keeps the dance floor packed and the transitions of songs to keep the people dancing thru out the night … Every performance Efren performs all-out in his vocals and dance and loves to engage the audience, Efren motto is perform like it your last performance and gives everything on stage to the last note of the night