Jose Del Rosario

Jose Del Rosario is a 28 year veteran of Rising Star Entertainers and a musician
performing professionally four to six shows a week, approximately 42-48 weeks a
year since 1976. Touring the Southwest US and occasionally Far East, Jose hired
as a Tombonist and played keyboards and worked programming the
arrangements for shows. Occasionally, you find Jose on the drums and involved
with dance and choreography in the shows and supplying sound reinforcement to
deliver a precisely engineered sound to large venues.
Since 1995, Jose spends most of his time focused on a wide vocal range of Lead
and Background Vocals from an array of genres to offer a high demand of variety
to the shows performing 2 shows a week.
Jose currently is CEO of JDR Real Estate Group, Inc. and a real estate sales
franchise, Keller Williams Realty in Chula Vista, California. He professionally
coaches approximately 80 top real estate professionals throughout North
America for the Mike Ferry Organization and is CEO of JDR Entertainment, Inc.
making records in Los Angeles releasing Top 40, Classical and Novelty
Instrumental Music records distributed in summer of 2006